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Mapquest Gas Prices for the United States

Gas StationsMapquest, the online map giant, has introduced a gas price comparison tool to its bag of tricks. Now, not only can you plan your trip from destination to destination to destination (and so forth), you can find the most cost efficient place to fuel up on the way. The overview shows the 3 lowest-cost fuel providers in the United States and Canada, currently Hoffman, Minnesota, Minco, Oklahoma and Kosciusko, MS. In addition to finding cheap fuel, the add-on boasts the capability of finding alternative fuel stations, such as those providing bio-diesel. My hometown of Sherwood, Arkansas didn’t register on the price list. Houston, my current location, registered 100 gas stations.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a link between route planning and gas price options. So if you’re on a long haul, you need to plan you gas stops ahead of time to find the budget stations.