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Maritz Research Airline Poll

Maritz Research, a marketing research firm, recently conducted a survey to determine what people want in respect to airline service. The results were interesting, and one in particular I think is a FANTASTIC idea. That being implementing a family seating section on the aircraft.

We’ve all been seated next to families traveling with small children at one time or another. If you’re trying to get work done or need to catch some Z’s on the way to your meeting (and your company is too cheap to spring for business class seating), then this can be quite a distraction. If family seating was available in one area of the aircraft, this could be a HUGE help for business travelers, or for people who just don’t like kids.

  • Segregated Family Section – 73 percent% of travelers believe that there should be a family section on airplanes.
  • Frequent Fliers Find Flights Frequently but Aren’t Pleased with Restrictions – The survey found that of those who attempted to redeem airline miles for flights, 80% were able to get a seat on a flight that fit their desired travel plans. But 67% of those who WERE able to get a seat said their opinion of airlines is negatively affected by the tightening of policies regarding miles expiring. This is contrary to my experience with Northwest, who doesn’t seem to want me to redeem my 120,000 miles – ever.
  • No to Cell Phones on Flights – The people have spoken, and I agree. 56% of respondents do not want cell phone use to be available in flight. 27% want it, and 16% did not have an opinion. Who doesn’t have an opinion?
  • What is Worth a Few Extra Bucks? – 63% of travelers asserted they would be willing to pay for extra leg room, while 42% are willing to pay for food. That’s good, since you’re probably paying for food domestically anyway.
  • Healthy Food – 57% of participants said airports don’t offer enough healthy options for travelers. Very true. And if you want to eat healthy, your ONLY options are generally salads. I get tired of salads.

I think Maritz is asking the right questions, I can only hope the people in the airline industry are listening.