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Marquis Jet Private Jet Card

Marquis JetMarquis Jet is a company who offers a deal for those of you who are ecologically irresponsible enough to be interested in private jet travel (shame on you). Marquis Jet is doing business with NetJets to offer customers a card that gives them access to the NetJet fleet, provided they purchase 25 hours of occupied flight time.

According to the advertising bling, this card allows you to “Experience all the benefits of owning your own jet – freedom, control and flexibility – without the responsibilities. The Marquis Jet Card provides access to the world’s highest standards of safety, security and personal service provided by NetJets, the pioneer and worldwide leader in fractional aircraft ownership.” Don’t we all want control without responsibility. I did recently have the opportunity to have a few beers with a NetJet pilot, and he was SOLD on his company. It’s always a good sign when the staff is happy.

What’s this all about? Okay, Marquis Jet has partnered with Netjet, as I mentioned above, to provide Marquis Jet Card Owners access to the NetJets fleet and service in 25-hour increments. That means, Marquis Jet Card Owners are entitled to all of the rights and privileges available to NetJets fractional Owners without spending the big bucks (relatively speaking). You don’t have to pay for the empty legs, which can save you a few dollars.

NetJets offers its customers light, midsize and large cabin aircraft from leading aircraft manufacturers to meet their various transportation needs. NetJets schedules over 370,000 flights for NetJets and Marquis Jet Card Owners to more than 150 countries around the globe. You can call for your aircraft at any hour, 365 days a year on as little as 10 hours notice (120 hours notice required for “peak period days”).

The program offers members exclusive benefits with Sea Island Resort, the Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response program, Avis car rentals, Ermenegildo Zegna, Exclusive Resorts and Savoya personal chauffeured services.

Still wondering what “occupied flight time” means? Occupied flight time is the actual flight time when passengers are on board plus an additional six minutes each for takeoff and landing. So that has to add up to 25 hours to make the purchase.