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Marriott Rewards Redeem for Anything Promotion

Fairy GodmotherMarriott Rewards, the points program offered by Marriott International, is offering members more ways than ever to redeem points with the Redeem for Anything program.

The Redeem for Anything program is like a fairy Godmother for business travelers. Particularly for those of you who have attained Silver, Gold or Platinum elite membership with Marriott. The rest of you with fewer points will have to stick with the same ole’ awards for the time being.

What do they mean by ‘Anything?’ Well, Anything. You can create your own personalized rewards and redeem your points for whatever you want. It’s like a rewards program for spoiled brats.

You can use your points for:

Flying or sailing lessons
tickets to the Olympics or the Kentucky Derby
Custom built golf clubs
Fantasy Baseball Camp (my personal vote)
A Ferrari

Your options are limited only by your imagination and your bankroll…or pointroll I guess it would be in this case. If you can’t find what you want on the website, there is a request form to get things moving.

The press release claims, “If members dream it Marriott Rewards delivers it. The options are limitless.” Kind of like, “If you build it, he will come.”

Awards in the Redeem for Anything program start at a thrifty 50,000 points. However, the items listed on the website start out at quite a lot more than that.

For more information visit or call (800) 493-3278.