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Mint New York Car Share

Mint is a spanking new, locally operated (unlike the competition) on-demand car rental company doing business in New York. Like the much talked about ZipCar and FlexCar, Mint offers hourly car rentals.

These guys operate in the big city and are offering some great introductory deals. From now through June 1, 2009, Mint is offering economy cars for only $2.00 an hour, Monday-Thursday from 8am-5pm. You’ll pay WAY more than that for parking.

If you want to sign up, you may do so online, pay the one-time $25 application fee and be in a car in less than 48 hours. Maybe even of greater value, Mint members will also receive discounted parking rates at select parking garages in Manhattan.

Already doing business with the competition? For you, Mint will waive the $25 application fee should you decide to add Mint as an “additional mobility resource.” For this deal, you’ll have to show your stuff. Take your current competitor membership card to the Mint office to have the fee waived.

Mint offers some interesting deals for those who do business with them. For example, “Operation Mint” is a partnership program that will assist non-profits in their fundraising efforts by donating $10.00 back to the organization for every new member they refer. I wonder what I’ll get for referring new members? 🙂

With a diverse fleet of fuel efficient vehicles including the Smart Car, Toyota Yaris, Honda FIT, Nissan Versa and more, Mint members won’t worry about car payments, insurance, maintenance, parking or gas — it is ALL included. In addition, Mint’s fleet also boasts a selection of utility vehicles, the luxurious Mercedes C300 and is the only on-demand car company offering the Smart Car in New York. Each vehicle is equipped with state of the art amenities such as Bluetooth, on board customer service, E-ZPass, universal fuel card and more.