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MobileTalk VoIP International Calls

Packet8 is a broadband VoIP service being offered by 8×8, Inc. This particular service promises to help you out with all of your videophone and mobile VoIP communication needs. The company has recently released MobileTalk, , a new, easy to use mobile calling service that offers you “a simple, affordable and high quality digital voice solution to overseas calling.” Good. We all need a cheap n’ easy way to make our international calls.

How does it work?

In order to use MobileTalk, you’ll need to download the software application from the website. This software can be operated on any Windows, Palm or Symbian based mobile phone, which covers most of the bases. The calls are routed over the Packet8 network to connect international calls directly to your phone. Because you’re routing your calls through the network, you aren’t using your precious minutes on high dollar international calls. This can significantly reduce your phone bill, and Packet8 asserts you will maintain a high level of international voice quality while still enjoying the convenience and flexibility of mobile calling. Isn’t the internet lovely?

If that doesn’t make much sense to you, Packet8 is providing you will a broadband calling service on your cell phone. Your calls are routed through your cellular internet connection, rather than calling directly. In order for this service to be a big bonus for you, you definitely need to have an unlimited data (internet) package with your cellular plan. Otherwise, the charges can add up quick.

“Packet8 MobileTalk is a breakthrough application that dramatically improves the international mobile calling experience from start to finish,” said 8×8 Chairman and CEO Bryan R. Martin. “Most mobile phone users typically avoid placing overseas calls from their cell phones because of the exorbitant rates their mobile carriers are charging. With Packet8 MobileTalk, subscribers won’t think twice about calling Europe or Asia because instead of $1.00 to $3.00 per minute, they will be paying as little as $.02 to $.05 per minute over the Packet8 network to most destinations. With more than 340 mobile phones from any cell phone carrier currently supported, the Packet8 MobileTalk service is a vital tool for mobile business professionals and consumers.”

So, you’re still paying, but it’s a fraction of the cost your cellular carrier would charge you for the same calls. There are several companies these days offering similar services, however some of them require you to do a lot of work. Packet8 has indicated that MobileTalk users can dial calls directly and natively from their mobile handset, contact list or speed dial directory with no additional keystrokes – a significant advantage when, for example, placing a call while driving. Which would be more of a selling point if there weren’t so many cell phone bans in place around the country.

The Technical Stuff

Once the destination number is dialed or selected, the Packet8 MobileTalk software application identifies the international prefix being called and redirects the call to a local Packet8 network access number. With Packet8 MobileTalk, all calls are carried to the Packet8 network over the subscriber’s existing cellular voice phone service and do not require access to an expensive monthly data plan or WiFi access point. Packet8 MobileTalk calls offer unparalleled voice quality as the calls are routed over the award- winning, patent-protected Packet8 digital phone VoIP network.

To sign up, go to and download the application to your mobile device from your PC or directly from your phone. There is a one time $9.99 activation fee for the service and a monthly fee of $9.99 for non-Packet 8 subscribers. Existing Packet8 VoIP subscribers are charged a monthly service fee of $4.99. You can check out the rates to see how good of a deal you’re getting and view a demo.