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Mobivox – Skype Calls Without Your PC

Mobivox is a new service that promises great things. Things such as the ability to contact anyone in your Skype contact list without the use of a PC and with no download required. So you can contact your people from anyplace without struggling to find the nearest hotspot or paying an outrageous service fee to get online for 10 minutes (like I had to do at the Marriott the other night). Mobivox is a mobile Application Service Provider that bridges the gap between mobile phones, VoIP and Voice over Instant Messaging (VoIM) to connect the mobile, PC, or home phone to any network. MOBIVOX “brings the best of VoIP to mobile handset users around the world, allowing everyone to enjoy real savings through leveraging efficiencies possible with VoIP technology.”

For the business traveler who wants to connect with up to 10 people simultaneously while sailing from Long Beach Harbor to the Channel Islands, or discuss a business deal with a Skype buddy in India, MOBIVOX is there to bridge this gap. MOBIVOX, a new mobile VoIP provider, gives your mobile phone the power to make cheap VoIP calls without being stuck in front of the PC. For the avid Skype user, your entire Skype contact list can travel with you anywhere and all Skype to Skype calls using MOBIVOX are completely free.

Mobivox allows users to use local access numbers available in 29 countries around the world with easy to use voice recognition technology. Contacts can be reached by asking for him or her from VOXGirl, Mobivox’s virtual assistant. MOBIVOX works with any cell phone regardless of make or model, so I could even use it with my crappy RAZR that I still haven’t done away with.

To start using the service or for more information, go to Sounds interesting, might be worth a shot.