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More Handy Than Soap on a Rope. Check Your Bags Before You Get to the Airport

AirportNobody likes standing in line to check bags at the airport. Especially in these, the days of really long security checkpoints. So, in their never-ending quest to distinguish themselves from the competition, several airlines are giving you alternatives to the exciting world of baggage-check lines. Also, services are springing up in hotels to take care of this inconvenience, regardless of which airline you fly.

(This would be the time to pack your TSA banned stuff.)

  • American’s AAdvance Bag Check Service currently lets you check your bags from 30 locations at hotels and convention centers throughout the United States, in places like Boston, Chicago, Disney World, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Francisco. For about ten bucks a person, you can return your rental and get to your flight luggage free.

  • Leaving Las Vegas? Southwest Airlines will take care of you for $20.00 with Offsite Checkin. (Hey, nothing is free in Vegas). You can check you bags at either the Las Vegas Convention Center or the Venetian Hotel.

  • Orlando, Florida. Baggage Airline Guest Services (BAGS) will check you in from the Rosen Centre Hotel. Additional locations are on the way. This will set you back $10.00.

  • LAX is stepping it up a notch with shuttle service AND remote luggage check-in at sites throughout the city, operated by the Orlando based BAGS Company. Currently available at Van Nuys FlyAway park-and-ride in the San Fernando Valley and expected to grow like wildfire, this program costs a measly $5.00. You probably couldn’t pay for your gas to the airport with that.

Services such as these are growing like a Gremlin with a midnight snack. Your best bet is to check with your hotel about what options may be available in your area.