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Move Over Yellow Sticky Notes: EverNote is Getting People Organized

Sticky NotesI’ve tried to stick sticky-notes on my steering wheel. It doesn’t work. For those of us who travel constantly, we may have a hard time keeping out thoughts, research, contacts and ideas organized. Enter EverNote 1.5.

You can use this handy-dandy program to organize ALL of your notes, including files from IE, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, handwritten, Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

The clincher? You can store information captured with your camera phone. I don’t know how many times I’ve taken pictures of signs or various other items when meeting with clients in order to store the information. This program allows you to add that information to your database.

Need to get the information back to your home office? You can send notes to anyone via MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ. Data can be synced between PCs or your PC and PDA via USB.

Imaging being able to store ALL of your information about a given client in a searchable database. Notes from previous meetings, clips from the web, sales performance spreadsheet information. This really could be a salesperson’s dream come true.

Via B2Day Blog