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MSN offers Farecast Content

MSN just came to an agreement with Farecast, the airfare prediction website, to offer users content from Farecast including free airfare prediction and planning tools. These tools will be available through the MSN Travel Chanel, allowing users to make better decisions when purchasing airline tickets. It’s like airfare ESP on MSN πŸ™‚

“We are thrilled to partner with MSN,” said Hugh Crean, president and chief executive officer of Farecast. “This agreement is further validation of the value of Farecast’s predictive technology to help people make smarter buying decisions and be more empowered when shopping for travel. MSN is committed to delivering innovative content to its loyal customers, and we look forward to being a part of its growing travel channel.”

If you aren’t familiar with Farecast, which I wrote about some time ago, you should be. The site provides free airfare predictions to determine WHEN you should purchase your airline ticket to get the best deal. Although, I predict Yapta will be a much better tool…