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Nash Trash Tour: More Redneck than Jeff Foxworthy

Brenda Kaye and Sheri LynnTonight I went on the Nash Trash Tour, personally hosted by Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kaye. Why would I go on such a tacky tour? I’ll tell you why. Because last time I was in Nashville I went on the Grey Line “Honky Tonk Nights” tour and wanted to weep from boredom. Actually, the tour didn’t last long enough for me to get that bored. I saw this tour pass during the Honky Tonk tour and it looked like a regular hootenanny, to use Trashese. These ladies are straight out of Hee-Haw and super fun. I learned a lot on this tour, but not so much about the Nashville landmarks.

For instance:

The statue in the round-a-bout near Music Row, normally referred to as Musica, is really called “Big Green Naked People.”

Sober in German is “farfrompuking.” And last but not least:

The location of the City Jail.

If you want to do a tour in Nashville, these ladies are a riot. Lucky for me, they squeezed me in to a full tour. It’s the one perk of traveling alone. You can usually fit in where you need to go. Tours are booked for several months in advance, so if you aren’t feeling lucky be sure to call early.

Upon arrival at the Nashville Farmer’s Market, the debarking point of the tour, you will be ushered on to the ‘Big Pink Bus.’ All Tennessee open container laws are thankfully suspended on the bus. So don’t forget your PBR or Bartles & James Wine Coolers. If you do, don’t worry, there is a mid-tour stop at a hotel with a gift shop that sells beers individually. Don’t ask me how I know, but a standard 12 oz. bottle goes for about $2.60.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Al Roker, it’s good enough for me.

To reach the ladies go to

There is no on-line booking. Call (800) 342-2132 to get in on the trash action.