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National Car Rental Toll Pass Program

National Car Rental is catching up with its friend in the car rental business by finally starting a toll pass program for rental vehicles. The pilot program was introduced this week in beautiful Newark, New Jersey.

“Whether they’re traveling for business or leisure, our customers want to get on the road and to their destination quickly and safely,” said Greg Stubblefield, president of National Car Rental.

The pilot program uses the E-ZPass electronic toll payment system, which is found in the New York metro area and several other cities around the country. As of now, the E-ZPass is only available at the National location at Newark Liberty International Airport, but will soon expand to other National locations. Within the next few months, the program will be expanded to National’s sister company, Alamo Rent A Car, and will be offered in additional states, including Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

You can whisk through the toll booths by choosing the Toll Pass option as an add on to your rental. You’ll be charged a daily fee for the unit, as well as the cost of tolls incurred during your rental. Take it from a girl who has more toll violation than she cares to admit, this is a great idea for business travelers. You don’t have to worry about having small bills or change for the tolls, and it makes reporting your expenses for the toll charges to your company much easier.

“We know from listening to our customers that they don’t like fumbling for loose change and waiting in line at toll booths,” Stubblefield said. “The added convenience of our Toll Pass option is one more way to let them know we’re listening, as part of our ongoing focus on customer service.”

To book a rental with the Toll Pass option, call (800) CAR-RENT, or book online at