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Nav-a-Trip GPS Navigation System Rental

Nav-a-TripNav-a-Trip offers short and long term GPS navigation system rental to travelers. As navigation systems are a must these days for business travelers, this is a huge help to those who don’t own their own systems but need to find their way around strange cities. Most rental car companies offer GPS systems as an option, but many only provide systems on a first come first serve basis. So if everyone else renting from your favorite car rental agency at O’Hare decided to take the GPS option, you can end up “up a creek.” But not if you rent a GPS in advance. In addition, this program can help infrequent business travelers who use their own cars. Navigation systems are pricey and many companies may not want to invest in a system for a person who only travels occasionally. A rental would be the perfect solution.

Nav-a-Trip includes all return shipping materials, which allows the customer to return the system from any location. Rather than packing the system and returning it from your home office, you can stick it in the mail at the airport. Very handy. At a maximum rate of $9.95 a day for rentals within the United States (with discounts for longer rentals), Nav-a-Trip can meet or beat the price of any car rental agency. Units are also available with European maps. Shipping is only available in the US, so get your unit before you cross the pond. It beats the heck out of printing loads of Mapquest maps.