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New Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte Offers Nice Perks for Business Travelers

Should your upcoming travels be bringing you to Charlotte, North Carolina anytime soon, there’s a new hotel opening on October 1st that’s hoping to lure business travelers with a host of services. It’s a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, so that should tell you something about the level of service you can expect, but even with that name behind it you might be pleasantly surprised at some of what they’re offering.

There’s a floor of the hotel with a dedicated area for private offices, including all the equipment you’d find in a regular office. Guests at the hotel will be able to use these offices free of charge. Would you prefer to do your work in your room, in the comfort of your PJs or bathrobe, but you still need to print something? Call the front desk and they’ll deliver a wireless printer to your room, along with various and sundry office tools you might also need, like cables, keyboards, mice, and paper.

All in-town transportation is provided free of charge to guests, and the hotel has a hybrid car just for this service. Additionally, if you’re driving your own car to the hotel and it happens to be a hybrid, you’ll get your parking space for free. If you’d like to take a break from the desk or the car and want to get a little exercise outdoors, the hotel has bikes available for guest use – also free of charge.

For the business traveler who’s obsessed with packing light, the Charlotte Ritz-Carlton wants to help you avoid checking a bag without giving up any of the comforts of traveling with liquids or that extra pair of shoes. One of the hotel’s programs lets guests choose from a list of toiletries and grooming items to be delivered to their room immediately after they check in or, if you’re really planning ahead, they can be waiting for you in your room when you arrive.

Another program, designed for people who stay at the hotel at least four nights every month, will let guests actually store a bag at the hotel between visits, making the hotel a home away from home. For a small fee, you can even get the clothes you’re leaving in your suitcase cleaned and your toiletries topped up so that you’re ready to go when you next arrive. And aside from the cleaning costs and toiletry purchases, this service is free of charge.

The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte opens its doors on October 1, 2009, but they’re accepting reservations now. Heck, with all those perks, it might be a good excuse to find a client in Charlotte if you don’t already have one, eh?