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New Technology Doing Away With the Airport Liquid Ban?

X-RayNuchtech Co., a Chinese hi-tech company specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of security scanners and applied radiation technology products announced that its new Thscan LS 8016 X-Ray Liquid Security Scanners will be installed at security checkpoints at all airports throughout China.

What does the Thscan do? The scanner uses the world’s most advanced x-ray technology to rapidly detect potentially explosive or hazardous liquids, without the need to open the container.

Just after the installation announcement, the Thscan was demonstrated at a press conference. It proved capable of identifying and distinguishing explosive, flammable and corrosive liquids from ordinary daily-use substances within 5 seconds of being scanned.

The Thscan Scanner will allow airports to scan both checked and carry-on luggage more quickly and throughly than ever before, reducing inconvenience without compromising security. So, if this product can distinguish harmful liquids from toothpaste or conditioner, it’s widespread implementation should mean an end to the 3.4 oz. liquid carry on rule.

There don’t seem to be any plans to implement the scanners outside of China – yet. I really look forward to this technology being further tested in outside markets and [hopefully] making travel easier.

Certifications/Approvals Received

  • European Conformity (CE) certification
  • Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • China National Computer Quality Supervising Test Center (CCQS)
  • China’s Ministry of Education.