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New York Luggage Storage and Lockers

Frequent travelers to New York City have a new storage option with Schwartz Travel Services, located in Midtown Manhattan. With airlines charging fees for second checked bags pretty much across the board and American Airlines $15 baggage fee, it’s becoming more economical and convenient for frequent travelers in the city to just keep a bag there. Schwartz Travel Services offers just such a service. Imagine showing up at the airport or train station with nothing but your briefcase and a smile! No need to pray for overhead bin space, because your gear is safely tucked away in Manhattan with Schwartz. These services are popping up in cities around the country, with a similar offering in Orlando, Florida among other places. If you visit one area frequently, it may be the way to go.

“When it comes to the word Luggage or Baggage for all we know it, it almost became a bad word” says Mr. Joe Schwartz, President and Founder of Schwartz Travel Services. “First, the airlines are losing more luggage than ever, the baggage check-in lines at airports are getting bigger and bigger, airlines are imposing strict annoying regulations, and most recently the airlines decided to charge big for an extra bag”.

How does it work? Piece of cake. All you need is a state issued photo ID (surely they would accept a passport as well) and a little bread. You can store your stuff for a day, a week or a month. In addition, you can ship your gear via USPS, UPS or FedEx to Schwartz for safekeeping. Once you arrive in the city, the company will even deliver it to you if you’d like.

Schwartz Travel Services is located in Midtown Manhattan between Penn Station and the NY Port Authority bus terminal, which is a pretty handy spot to grab your stuff once you arrive. No pricing information was included in the press release.