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New York

New York city is by far the largest city in the U.S. and the most frequented by business travelers. It’s big, it’s noisy, it can be hard to manage, but it’s an AMAZING place to spend a few days. Especially if your boss is footing the bill.

Getting There & Around

New York City is serviced by three major airports. JFK and LaGuardia in New York and Liberty International in Newark. Don’t let the fact that Liberty is in a different state scare you off. You can take a quick cab ride, train or even helicopter and make it to Manhattan is a jiffy.

Public transportation is the way to go in New York. The Subway and rail lines connect the city nicely, and can save you hours in traffic. If you want to stay above ground, I would have to suggest a taxi. Parking sucks and there is just no need to have your own car when you can get around 24 hours a day with someone else driving.


Accommodations run the range in this city. Larger business hotels will set you back quite a few bucks, while newer creations like pod hotels are filling in the middle range.

Food & Drinks

Whatever you want, you can get it in New York City…24 hours a day, even delivered. If you’re watching your waistline, don’t despaire. There is plenty of healthy dining in NYC.


New York is an expensive city, for sure. But believe it or not, there are heaps of free things to do in New York. New York City is blessed with more professional sports than any other city in the country. No matter what time of the year, sportsfans can find something to do. I recommend a trip to historic Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium while you have the chance. Old ballparks in the U.S. are dropping like flies.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge affords some of the very best views of the city – for free. Coney Island makes a very nice day trip, but the Empire State Building is a total waste of time. If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, get your tickets online before you go.