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No Leonardo? No Can Do. The Shakespeare Festival in Nashville, Tennessee

I tried to watch, but I just couldn’t. The outdoor theater seemed to be filled with a few narrow segments of Nashville society: boys whose girlfriend’s made them go and students from Vandy who were probably looking for extra credit. When I heard the play was to take place in the bandshell, I guess I expected something looking like it belonged in an episode of Sponge Bob or The Little Mermaid. It wasn’t a shell. It was just a regular ole’ amphitheater but without seating. Where was I?”>Shakespeare in the Park at Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee.

To the sounds of barking dogs, jangling keys and crickets, the opening sounds of Macbeth filled the park. It was Macbeth with an Asian theme and the drumming really was great. I lasted for about 45 minutes, but not a minute longer. I guess I’m just not cultured enough to be able to enjoy Shakespeare without Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role. Not really, I was just incredibly tired. My GPS crapped out again on the way home. The Garmin is fine, but the rechargeable Energizer batteries aren’t worth the $20.00. It died completely. I had to make my way back across town relying on my wits alone. I decided the city planners of Nashville must not like their airport. In most cities, the airport is the easiest landmark to find. This time, not so much. This is only relevant because my hotel was near the airport. The Nashville Shakespeare Festival happens each year in Centennial Park from August to September. It’s a good way to spend a free evening in Nashville. The area around Centennial Park is crawling with great places to eat and drink before and after.