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No-Points Cash Back for Travel

Do you like money? A new rewards program called promises to give you cash back, rather than miles or points, when using its services. How much money are we talking? That’s a great question. You can earn up to 25% cash back on the money you’re already spending on travel expenses, but the standard is more in the 5% range. Way cool!

For those of you who make your own traveling arrangements on the job, this is a piece of cake. You book your flights and hotels through the No-Points website, which has partnered with popular sites like Travelocity and, and you earn cash back from the deal. In addition, you can make purchases through e-bay, Best Buy and Staples, saving you dollars on your other office expenses.

How does it work? You sign up for a free account and make your travel reservations through the website. No-Points will then reimburse you either by a monthly check or Pay Pal deposit.

Be aware if you sign up that the website will also be spamming you with surveys and emails to earn even more points. That being said, I would give them an email address you seldom use (most of us have at least one random g-mail or yahoo account).

Via Road Gladiator.