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Noon Solar Powered Bags

Noone Solar Powered Bags are 100% recyclable bags with a built in flexible solar panel. With these babies, you can charge your cell phone and iPod on the go and feel good about opting for a greener lifestyle. Wow, and to think a few years ago the only solar powered device you could take with you was a pocket calculator!

Noon creates Green totes and satchels from materials carefully chosen for their sustainability, longevity, and beauty. By integrating solar panels into our bags, we offer not only the convenience of portable power, but also a means for all of us to incorporate renewable energy into our daily lives.

So you’re diligently calculating your carbon footprint, buying carbon credits (which I still think is hogwash) and carrying your own coffee mug so you don’t have to use all that yucky Styrofoam, but you still feel like you should be doing more. With the Noon bags, you can reduce your environmental impact by using less electricity. Once the bag has had it, you can toss it right in to the compost heap. Noon Solar has adapted a cradle to cradle philosophy, in which materials can be either naturally biodegraded or be reclaimed and re-used for generations to come.

How does it work? The thin, flexible solar panels take in energy from the sun and convert that energy into power. It is then stored in a lithium-ion battery box inside the bag. The energy can be used to charge your cell phone or iPod day or night. The box weighs less than one-half pound, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying around a sack of rocks.

Bags are designed for both men and women in a selection of styles. From the website, I LOVE the Logan Satchel (especially if it’s large enough for my big, fat laptop. Too bad it’s sold out, but I’ll eagerly anticipate the new spring collection.