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NYC Airport Shuttles

There are several hassles that frequent business travelers can avoid through simply investing in proper travel gear or doing a bit of research. But some hassles are built into travel days and it’s very difficult to make them go away completely. Take, for instance, the process of getting back and forth to the airport from your home or hotel.

When you’re traveling to or from the New York City area you have lots of options for getting to or from the city’s three big airports. Public transportation is cheap, but requires you to do all the planning (and may not drop you off where you need to go in New York). Taxis are convenient in their door-to-door service, but they can cost a fortune (especially if you’re trying to get anywhere at rush hour). For the busy traveler, often the best option is to book a New York airport shuttle service.

It’s not just business travelers who can benefit from booking an airport shuttle in New York, of course. Anyone who’s traveling with a lot of luggage will find it much easier to get all of those bags into an airport shuttle than to drag them all on and off of New York’s trains and subways. If you’re traveling with a group it’s usually easier to hire a shuttle to ferry people around rather than herd everyone on and off of public transportation. And you don’t have to be venturing to an unfamiliar city or an unfamiliar airport to enjoy the luxury of just sitting back and letting someone else drive you there or back.

Some of the more popular NYC airport shuttles you can book are:

  • GO Airlink NYC – Airlink NYC has the benefit of being one of the companies holding an official permit from New York’s port authority, which means they have clearance to drive right up to the doors outside baggage claim at New York’s airports. It’s a short trip from the terminal to your shuttle. GO Airlink NYC offers three different car options (sedans, SUVs, and shared shuttle vans), serves all three New York airports – JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia – and they’re available for booking 24/7. Book Airlink NYC here
  • SuperShuttle – SuperShuttle is a major chain of airport shuttles with service all over the country, including New York’s three big airports. There’s only one level of service – shared shuttle vans – and at the airports in New York passengers need to call SuperShuttle on the courtesy phone near baggage claim in order to have them come pick you up.
  • New York Airport Service – NY Airport Service is the sister company to GO Airlink NYC, offering coach service to and from two of New York’s airports. Coach services (rather than vans) can sometimes be cheaper overall, depending on where you’re going in the city. New York Airport Service provides service to and from JFK and LaGuardia – service to and from Newark is handled by GO Airlink NY.

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