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Omni Hotels Flavors of France

French ChefOmni Hotels is working with the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries on its Savor the Flavors of France, a part of its “Flavors of the World” program. This program will bring champagnes, fine wines and authentic French cuisine to Omni Hotels across North America. It’s like going to France without leaving the country.

Special food and wine menus will be developed for the hotel, highlighting “the authentic techniques and flavors of French cuisine” paired with wines and champagnes from the region. According to the press release,

Food and wine have a deeply-rooted history in France, but the country’s culinary style and wine production have evolved. Both classic and modern French cuisine will share the spotlight as part of the special offering.

This is serious business for the Omni, who is sending its chefs and food & beverage professionals to training in Boston. Boston is no France, but that’s just the first step. After the training course, the team will then travel to France for a six day immersion tour of the country country’s various wineries, vineyards and elite culinary institutes. I know what you’re thinking…how do I get a job with Omni!? That I can’t tell you.

I can tell you that in addition to the dinner and lunch menus, Omni is adding a French breakfast offering with fresh pastries, croissants, fruit jams, creamy butter and other delightful French confectionery.

I had no idea, but this is actually the sixth installment of Omni’s “Flavors of the World” series. The hotel hopes to expose its chefs to world cuisines, allowing them to create a better experience for guests. Past “Flavors of the World” series’ have included Italy, Chile, Spain and Argentina.

The menus will be unveiled in October, so you have a while to work up an appetite. They will then be available through the end of 2008.