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Online Meeting Software: Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Review

Even if you travel often for work, that doesn’t mean that every single meeting you attend has to be done in person. And yet so many businesses have employees scattered all over the place – which is why online meeting software is so popular with many companies today.

If you’re unsure about going to a relatively new company for your online meeting needs, then consider how long Adobe Acrobat has been in business – and then look at their online meeting software, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. What Adobe has going for it that other online meeting software products don’t is that it approaches the meeting from a design perspective – the software helps you design presentations which you can then deliver via the desktop sharing portion of the software.

As you’ll see on the list of features below, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro has its limits – not least the number of attendees in a meeting. And it has a reputation for being not as intuitive to use as some other online meeting software. But the ability to interact with meeting attendees using the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro whiteboard is superior to many whiteboard elements in other online meeting software solutions.

  • Cost: Premium Basic – $14.99/month or $149/year prepaid; Premium Plus – $39/month or $390/year prepaid (free version available)
  • Capacity: Premium Basic – up to 20 online workspaces, 5 attendees maximum; Premium Plus – umlimited online workspaces, 20 attenees maximum (free version allows for 1 online workspace and only 3 attendees maximum)
  • Compatible With: Windows Vista/7/XP, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Audio Options: No VOIP capability; only a reserved dial-in long distance number
  • Video Options: Video conferencing is supported via webcams
  • Desktop Sharing Options: Desktop and application sharing is supported
  • Recording Options: Recording capability only in the paid versions
  • Technical Support: Support available via online tutorials/manuals/FAQ section, remote IT support, telephone support, email support, and chat support
  • Encryption: Adobe’s server provides 128-bit encryption

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro