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Orbits Will Contact Your Hotel if Your Flight is Delayed

Orbitz LogoOrbitz recently introduced a new service to help customers who book both flight and air through their service. At this time of year, weather delays are a very real possibility when flying. Just ask anyone in Denver or Heathrow. Orbitz will now contact your hotel to notify them of the delay if you book your flight and hotel through Orbitz.

The catch is that Orbitz is required to contact you to authorize the phone call before the call the hotel. That’s kind of an inconvenience. It would work MUCH better if there was a check-box with “In the event of flight delay, please contact my hotel to notify them of my late arrival.” on the website. That way users could authorize Orbitz to contact the hotel at the time of booking rather than be bothered with a phone call while in the airport.

All in all, a very cool idea.