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OrthoTote Shoulder Strap Helps Carry Heavy Shoulder Luggage

ChiropractorThe new OrthoTote is designed to help people carry heavy shoulder bags, such as totes, laptop bags and electronic equipment. As I sit and read the press release, while hunched over my laptop in one of the endless hotels that are my home, I learn that when confronted with the issue of poor body mechanics and compromised posture, orthopedic specialists recommended correct posture keeping the head and shoulders aligned upright. Oops. The good news is the OrthoTote shoulder strap accessory “allows a person to stand and walk in correct anatomical alignment, thereby reducing or eliminating the occurrence of orthopedic problems.”

The company has plans for shoulder straps for womens bags and golf bags in the works. They look even funnier than a fanny pack, but it’s worth it if it will save you the back trouble.

My yoga instructor will be thrilled.

Via PRWeb.