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Pam Ann Airline Videos

There is very little to find amusing with the airline industry these days. I’ve been avoiding discussing the rash of bankruptcies/airline failures, as every Tom, Dick and Harry in the blogging world has already written about them. And I’ve been avoiding writing about all of the airline merger rumors, as nothing has been approved and I had about enough of that can of worms last Spring. But I will bring you this, an electrifying assortment of videos by the infamous Pam Ann of airline comedy fame.

In this clip, Pam Ann educates us all on the intricacies of an airline drink service. Thanks for clearing that up, Pam. I wasn’t aware how important those trips to the galley really were.

Comedy or reality? In this video, Pam Ann acts exactly like a British Airways flight attendant I had once.

I’m not sure how I missed out on this as one of the Sexiest Flight Safety Videos, but somehow I did.