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Pope on a Rope: Yet Another Solution to the Dreaded Client Christmas Presents

Pope on a RopeSo you’re still searching for that perfect gift for your clients and you’re not in to the Sit n Sip, Smack My Ass and Call Me Santa Hot Sauce or the Cruzin’ Cooler. Maybe this will work for you. It’s the new wave of soap on a rope (you just can’t find the Homer Simpson variety anymore), the Pope on a Rope. How can you argue with brilliant marketing language like “thick loop of luxurious rope attached?” I certainly can’t.

You know what I like best? I can’t IMAGINE a better soap to wash some dirty kid’s mouth out with. Think about how much cooler the A Christmas Story scene where Ralphie had to wash his mouth out with soap would have been if it were Pope on a Rope soap.

There are lots of places to get Pope on a Rope, including Other Land.