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Pre-Pasted Tooth Brushes are TSA 3-1-1 Compliant, but I Still Don’t Like Them

Tooth PasteI’ll be frank, I’m not a big fan of this product. I don’t see any reason to clog up the landfills any further because we’re too lazy to paste our own toothbrushes these days. Travel-size toothpaste bottles are usually 1.0 oz., which is well within the TSA mandated 3 oz. limit, so I’d really have to recommend one of those. If these were recyclable, I might be persuaded.

Okay, that’s all of the eco-preaching I’ll do for today. I promise. At any rate, just in-case you think it’s a good idea I’m including them here.

DentaKit, a family business based in Belmont, California, distributes pre-pasted tooth brushes via their website. According to the press release,

These toothbrushes have toothpaste powder bonded directly to the bristles. The tooth powder is activated when it gets wet. Because the toothbrush contains only dry powdered toothpaste, it fully complies with all airline regulations and restrictions and will not be confiscated by airport security officials.

You can use the pre-pasted brush with normal toothpaste for a whopping 30 days after the initial use. But I’d bet if you’re carrying around 6 pre-pasted brushes you aren’t going to bother saving them for a rainy day.

For more on being an eco-friendly traveler, visit Mary at the Eco Travel Logue.

Via MarketWire.