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Pronounce Names

Pronounce Names, the “dictionary of name pronunciation,” is an incredibly valuable tool for the business travelers of the world. I hate, hate butchering clients’ names, and with this handy website that can be a thing of the past. offers a database of difficult (and even easy) names and the correct pronunciation. Those of you in sales should pay particular attention, as this could mean the difference in getting your foot in the door or being brushed aside.

You can browse through a list of not-so-easy-to-pronounce names like the following:

Name Pronunciation
Farai : FUR-EYE
Yupanqui : YOU-PUN-KEY
Rai : RYE
Siegel : SEA-gull
Qin : CHIN
Cheyenne : shy-AN
Giuseppe : joo-ZEP-pee
Karthik : CAR-THICK
Euler : OILER
Bellevue : BELL-view

Or you can look up a particular name that is giving you trouble. Now all you need is to brush up on the problematic moniker before you waltz in to your meeting or make your introductory phone call and come out smelling like a rose. Or at the very least not offending a potential client or future business associate.

Got a name that’s a little more interesting than “Smith” and tired of people constantly mispronouncing? You can add your own name to the database and help out all of mankind.

Via Lifehacker