Radisson GoldPoints

RadissonRadisson Hotels offer one heck of a home away from home for the frequent business traveler. Radisson is part of Carlson Hotels worldwide, along with Regent, Park Plaza, Country Inns and Suites and Park Inn. The sleep number bed at the Radisson is so incredible that I’ve thought about heading to the Radisson on sleepless nights at home when I really need to catch some Z’s. In addition, the Radisson offers free wireless internet access to all, unlike the bulk of the business class hotel chains (like the Marriott). Finally, they have pretty darn good products, including a great oatmeal soap.

Earn Points

You can earn points by staying at 950 hotels around the world. If you plan far enough ahead to book online, you’ll earn an additional 500 points per reservation. Nice little bonus. In addition to those earning opportunities, you can earn even more points by using the Goldpoints Plus Visa.

If you’re the one planning the meetings or events, you can really rack up the points. You get DOUBLE POINTS for your stays and for meetings and events held at the Carlson Family of Hotels worldwide. Interesting.

Redeem Points




You can redeem your points for free hotel nights at over 950 hotels and resorts worldwide. If where you rest your head isn’t an issue, you can redeem your points for airline miles or prepaid cards. In addition, your points are redeemable for Express Awards at your hotel, including room upgrades, in-room movies and more depending on the property.

Elite Members

Elite members earn several benefits, including bonus points and exclusive offers.

Seriously, that bed is an entire reason within itself to spend your nights at the Radisson.

Current Promotions

Business Rewards Package (through 2008)

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