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Relaxed Liquid Bans. So What if You Can Get Liquid Products on the Concourse?

Liquid BanAirline liquid bans have been a HUGE topic over the last few months, and all with good reason. You can’t check Google News without seeing some headline about how the liquid ban is being relaxed in one country or another. Today it’s the UK, a few days ago it was Paris.

That’s super, really. Of-course I want for things to get back to normal just as much as anyone and safety really is the number one issue for us all. But I can’t really consider allowing passengers to purchase toiletries within the secure airport area at an inflated price as being progress.

Do people forget that pretty much no matter where you’re going in the world, particularly in larger cities where airports are located, they’ll be able to get the products they need?

You can’t go two blocks in the US without passing a Walgreens, so why not wait and get your conditioner and mouth wash there? Not that I’m condoning Walgreens in particular, I’m just saying I think the shops in the airports could be enjoying the profits a little too much as a result of the bans.