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Restaurant Review – Bella Vita in West Monroe, Louisiana

* Location: West Monroe, Louisiana
* Open For: Lunch, Dinner
* Under Review: Dinner
* Category: Casual
* Price Range: Medium
* Fare: Italian
* This meal cost $15 – $25 per person.
* Including tip? Yes
* Food Score (out of 10): 8
* Service Score (out of 10): 8
* Reservations: No
* BT Blog Recommends?: Definitely
* Booking Information:

407 Constitution Drive
West Monroe, LA 71292
(318) 998-6900

* Other Information: none
* Also Reviewed In: You’ll have to take my word for it.
* Review: Bella Vita is the place I always took my Monroe area clients to lunch. It’s a nice comfortable place on the I-20 access road near all of the other restaurants in West Monroe. The Alfredo sauce, regardless of which dish it’s served with, is the best I’ve had in the state of Louisiana. It may be the best in the southeast. They have great wine happy hour specials if you want to go early. The best part of Bella Vita is that they are a member of the Rewards Network, so you can earn miles or cashback rewards for eating there.

By the way, if you’re visiting the Monroe area, I really have to recommend staying in the West Monroe area, rather than Monroe itself. The mother of an acquaintance of mine was robbed this past week at a prominent hotel in Monroe. West Monroe is minutes away and a much safer and more pleasant place to spend the night. There are several decent hotels, all within throwing distance of the restaurants.