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Restaurant Review: Vanelli’s Greek Italian in Tupelo, Mississippi

Location: Tupelo, Mississippi
* Open For: Lunch, Dinner
* Under Review: Dinner
* Category: Casual
* Price Range: Medium
* Fare: Greek/Italina
* This meal cost $15 – $20 per person.
* Including tip? Yes
* Including wine? Yes
* Food Score (out of 10): 8
* Service Score (out of 10): 8
* Reservations: No
* BT Blog Recommends?: Enthusiastically!
* Booking Information:

1302 North Gloster Street
Tupelo, Mississippi 38804
(662) 844-4410

* Other Information: Nope
* Also Reviewed In: Yahoo! Travel
* Review: How could you not love a place that sells pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea? The food at Vanelli’s is SUPER, as well as the drinks. Give the spanakopita a try. This is one of those small town places that combine entertainment with dinner. Wednesday nights you can see some great blues in Papa’s Place, the lounge attached to Vanelli’s. Papa’s Place does offer a full menu, so no worries there. On the weekends, you can eat some Stroganoff and watch a comedian. This is by far my favorite place to go in Tupelo.