Delta Airlines Will Reward You with Airline Miles for Talking Too Much

PhoneWant more airline miles? Delta Airlines is encouraging us all to be that a-hole who has a cell phone permanently glued to the side of his head. Thanks a bunch, Delta.

In all seriousness, Delta has launced a great new program called SkyMiles Mobile, which is now part of it’s airline miles program. In a partnership with InPhonic, SkyMiles Mobile allows users to earn miles by purchasing phone plans and accessories through Delta. You can earn 5,000 miles for a new account activation and 5,000 miles for an account renewal. Accessories bring in 10 miles per dollar, which is MUCH better than the measley 2 miles per dollar I’ve got in the past using Overstock via Northwest WorldPerks.




The program offers all of the standard providers, including Cingular, Verizon, Nextel, Sprint, Alltel and T-Mobile. There doesn’t appear to be earnings for your monthly usage, which sucks. Then we could change the expression to “If I had a mile for every minute I would…”