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RoboForm 2Go Password Management System


RoboForm 2Go is a tool for managing online passwords and filling in online forms. Software is available online and you can either use a RoboForm 2Go USB drive or any ole’ USB drive you happen to have lying around. On the drive will be stored all of your passwords and practical information for filling in forms. The information is protected by generating random secure passwords and is only accessible when you enter your master password. It is my understanding that you can then use your USB drive to access your accounts from any computer in the world, with no software installation required.

So what is this all about? Okay, you memorize one teensy password and input all of the others on to the USB drive. That means the hassle of memorizing 37 different passwords for your online accounts, including those with freakish rules like using 7 letters and 2 numbers, is over.

I LOVE this idea, even though I’m a little skeptical of the security. If someone is able to obtain your master password, none of your online accounts are safe. Scary stuff. But when these days you have to have SO many different passwords for work and otherwise, it definitely has a place in the world.

The nice people at Siber Systems were nice enough to send me a review copy, and I tried it out this morning. Installing the software is a breeze, and getting started is as fast as lightning. Plug in your USB and install the software. You will be directed to the website, where tutorials are available for the different features available from RoboForm. The software will install a toolbar in your web browser to use the different functions, such as “Setup Form Filling” and “Logins.”

Once you start adding your different login information, a drop down member will appear with “Logins.” To get in to the website requested, click on that particular websites passcard in this area. Recently used sites are displayed, so those places you visit frequently will always be close at hand.

The form filling feature lets you save information frequently requested on online forms. It has fields for all sorts of information, including things many people don’t want to give out like drivers license number and social security number. If you aren’t keen on putting this out there, skipping the field is not a problem.

RoboForm is available in all sorts of different languages. So even if you don’t understand me, you should understand them. There is a free version available, with the Pro version available for purchase.