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Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, California

Rock & Roll Marathon

The 10th Annual Rock n’ Roll Marathon will take place this Sunday in San Diego, California. Now, I won’t be running 26 miles at any time unless someone is chasing me. But if you’re going to run a marathon, this is a cool one. Besides the regular marathon fans (whoever they may be) the streets of San Diego will be lined with more than 40 live musical acts for the runners enjoyment. I bet at least one band will come up with some alternative version of Eye of the Tiger, a.k.a. the favorite running song of my man Rocky. The lineup includes the following: Slither, the Kobbs, and the Navy Band Southwest, as well as DJ Stretch, Stone Senses, and Distance to Empty. I’ve never heard of any of them, but I’d bet there is something for everyone. The post-race concert will feature Seal, who I actually have heard of.

The marathon is free to spectators, so check it out if you’re in San Diego this weekend. What a great way to hear some live music!

Via The Lobby