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San Francisco Walking Tours

Those of you who live for wine and find yourself in San Francisco, or even just those of you who have some spare time in San Franciso, should check out the new Walking Tours of San Francisco Wine Bars. These tours come complete with printable maps (with public transportation info.) and venue descriptions, so you know well in advance what you’re getting yourself in to. The tours are self-guided, so you don’t have to worry about getting saddled down with a busload of tourists who aren’t on the same page.

The website recommends a grand total of 25 wine bars, divided in to three distinct districts around the city. The areas included are the Marina, South Beach and the Waterfront and Market Street and the Mission.

“Driving is for rookies,” says Mike Logan, tender at one of the Bars. “There’s hasn’t been a convenient place to park in San Francisco for twenty years. Why hassle with a car when you can amble casually between three or four wonderfully different wine bars and make new friends in each place?”

Bruce Cass Wine Lab, the brains behind the operation, has taught Wine Appreciation classes in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirty years, beginning with 12 years on the Stanford University campus before moving to San Francisco. So, these folks have some street cred. If you’re interested in classes, you can find out more information on the very same website as the tours.

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