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SAS Airlines Simplified Fare Structure

SASSAS has introduced a simplified fare structure from the U.S. to Scandinavia and Europe, providing its business and leisure travelers with greater flexibility and choice. Like what? Like the ability to purchase roundtrip travel as one-way fares and to combine travel in different classes.

Here’s what you can now do:

  • Purchase roundtrip tickets sold as separate one-way fares and
  • The ability to combine travel in different classes on the same ticket.

The new fare structure is in effect in all three classes, including Business, Economy Extra and Economy. The fares are now divided into Fully Flexible, Flexible and Fixed fares.

“SAS now offers customers more fare and class options. Our Fixed fares allow them to purchase Business or Economy Extra tickets at very competitive prices. They can combine classes on a single ticket and fly Economy Extra one way and Business the other, or fly one way on a Fixed Business fare and return on a Fully Flexible Business fare,” Persson concluded.

The fares are in effect between the U.S and Denmark, Norway (the mother land), Sweden and Finland, and throughout Europe, except the U.K. and Germany. I wonder why those two are left out?

For more details or to book the new fares go to: