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SATSair Air Taxi

SATS Coverage Area

SATSair (Small Aircraft Transportation System) is a new company in the Southeastern United States providing “air taxi” service to travelers. By “air taxi,” the company would like to imply the convince of a charter with the ease and lower cost of a taxi. SATSair can deliver you to the smaller airports large jets do not service, saving you travel time to your destination. All flights are operated on Cirrus SR22 aircraft and the company has big plans to expand its service area in the near future.

The company will allow you to purchase a single trip for $559 per hour, or a block of time you can use at your discretion. The block time offers discounted rates and can be used by multiple persons (you can list several members of your company to have the ability to use the time). Wait time charges will be billed at a rate of $70 per hour.

Available packages are as follows:

  • 5 Hour Package — $2,795 ($559 per hour)
  • 10 Hour Package — $4,995 ($500 per hour)
  • 20 Hour Package — $9,500 ($475 per hour)
  • 50 Hour Package — $22,000 ($440 per hour)

The company’s aircraft are pre-positioned strategically throughout the service area, allowing customers to board a SATSair aircraft and depart with little notice, so last-minute emergency trips aren’t a problem.

According to the website, “Unlike traditional charter, SATSair offers one-way pricing within the service area – you don’t pay for deadhead return legs. With strategically pre-positioned aircraft, SATSair also offers increased flexibility and minimal wait time charges. SATSair is less expensive than charter, but provides the same convenience and luxury.”

Dispatchers are available 24/7 at (800) 639-6192 for quotes and reservations.