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Scanner Bag Product Review

Scanner BagThe Scanner Bag by is a handy man purse to help get you through security at the airport. Guys, this will let you hold your pocket contents: keys, wallet, cell phone, coins, pen, etc. in a tiny safety zone while inching through airport security. Ladies, we have purses so I don’t think it would be of much use to us.

The Scanner Bag starts out the size of a wallet. Once you open the Velcro fastener, it folds out to a 7″ x 11″ bag with a zipper closure and a mesh front. It has a strap with an adjustable buckle so you can attach it to your carry-on or laptop bag. There is a credit card size slot for your ID with a clear mesh cover. This is a great place to keep your license without losing it, but because you can’t see through the cover be prepared to take your ID out to get through the checkpoint or buy booze. I tried the Scanner Bag out with PDX security and they didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Bar Review: I had a LONG layover in Minneapolis, so I had the opportunity to ask my new friends at the bar what they thought of this product. In general, the guys I asked said they liked it but couldn’t see themselves using it. They didn’t give me a really good reason, so I have to assume it would be due to the culture change. In all fairness, the people I asked were not really frequent travelers so probably not the target consumer.

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