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Secure Wi-Fi is Available in NYC

Wireless SecurityConcerned about security when using a Wi-Fi hotspot? Well, if you’re in New York in particular or any old place in general you can rest your pretty little head. With a simple download from Protexx, wireless users are able to encrypt data transmissions and e-mail.

According to a press release yesterday on PRWeb:

NYC Wireless, a non-profit organization that advocates and enables the growth of free, public wireless Internet access in New York City and surrounding areas now offers Protexx encryption as a security option solution for all of their members and users to prevent against hacking and identity theft.

Now, the last mention of Protexx found on the NYC Wireless website appeared last April, which makes me think this is a Protexx generated release to attract business. Likewise, when you go to the Protexx website, there is no mention of NYC Wireless. But the download is there and available for all. Maybe I’m wrong and who really cares? It sounds like a decent program and the client version is free.