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Sexy Flight Safety Videos

Every traveler has been subjected to the requisite inflight safety video shown on every “video equipped” flight in the world. Airlines surely know that 98% of the passengers on the aircraft pay about as much attention to that video as they do to the illuminated seatbelt sign. Is that the reason for Delta’s new super sexy safety video? It seems it’s at least catching the attention to the Y chromosomes on the airplanes.

On this subject, we found this really great post about sexy inflight safety videos, and of-course we wanted to join in the fun. To make your life easier, we’ve embedded the videos right on the page along with our own fascinating commentary. Check out the original post on Christopher Elliot’s recommended travel blog.

Just for giggles, lets have a look at the various inflight videos that are out there.

Air France

Bless France for offering a little something for everyone, as both the male and female “flight attendants” in the video are stunningly beautiful. The video is half in the language of love, which automatically scores points for some. This video is sexy in a sophisticated, European way, where the models don’t even need to show some leg.

Air New Zealand

Guys like the dominatirx in the leather boots demonstrating the brace position. She looks pretty flexible. Ladies have to be content with listening to the fabulous announcers voice.

Delta Air Lines

Boys, I mean men, dig the chick in this video. Her shirt is so low cut you can practically see her navel and she has “Angela Jolie-ish” lips. No eye candy for the ladies, though.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways announcers look like they could host some sort of Thai Idol show on TV. Both very attractive, they’re perfect for those of you who are in to Asian men and women. And Thailand is just plain sexy.

Virgin America

Virgin America scores originality points with its safety video, conducted entirely by animated characters. There’s a little something for everyone, with a matador, a bull, an Asian woman and a blushing girl smoking in the bathroom.