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Sheraton Hotels Core Performance Workout

Sheraton Hotels is ready to whip you business travelers in to shape with the chain’s new partnership with Core Performance, a “training and lifestyle brand built by the experts who train professional athletes in every major sport.” If they can get professional athletes in to shape, surely they can help you work off that beer gut you’ve been accumulating during all those trips to the hotel bar.

Core Performance designed a holistic program exclusively for Sheraton guests, which is derived from the same training methodology used at Athletes’ Performance, the preferred and premier place for professional athletes to train. The program helps travelers train and eat healthy, as well as refresh, recharge and refocus their minds and bodies. So whether you work out every day or just want to take advantage of the nutrition programs and health tips, Sheraton Fitness will help guests feel and perform better.

Here’s what Sheraton guests will enjoy with the new Program:

  • First Class Gyms Designed for the Top Performers in Life: Core Performance has developed a state-of-the-art gym experience for Sheraton guests, influenced by Athletes’ Performance, trainers of the top performers in sport. Since travelers have different needs when they are on the road, the new fitness centers feature time-efficient training programs designed by Core Performance to work with busy travel schedules. The 20- to 30- minute “themed” workouts — including Jet Lag Buster (for long travel days), Meeting Manager (the conclusion of the business day) and Road Warrior (for the incessant traveler) – are tailored to the Sheraton guest and outlined in explicit detail through wall signage in the fitness centers. Want to take the workout on the road with you? Guests can download workout routines at
  • Healthy Dining: Core Performance nutritionists worked with Sheraton to create healthier dining options for both in-room dining menus and hotel restaurants. Among the options, denoted on the menus as “Core Performance Endorsed,” are Scrambled Egg White and Turkey Wrap, Nicoise Salad and Portobello Burger.
  • Guest Room Workouts: Guests can also train like a pro in the privacy of their room. Guests can access four 30-minute Video On Demand workouts at no charge at most properties and get nutritional or wellness tips through Starwood’s internal channel, Starwood Preferred Guest TV. Guests can also order a complimentary “workout in a bag” — including workout cards, workout mat, foam rolls, stretch rope and massage stick — to be delivered to their room. The kit includes customized Core Performance training programs to be completed in the privacy of the guestroom using the equipment provided in the bag.

    Online Training, After Check-Out: Guests can access Sheraton Fitness online at, which features online training programs created by Core Performance and health/nutrition tips. This allows guests to follow the Core Performance programs both at home and on the road – eliminating any disruption to their fitness regimen.

    For more information on Core Performance, including its integrated online performance training and nutrition programs, visit

    Work it!