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Shop for Gifts and Frequent Flyer Miles with Mileage Mall will be the number one tool I use is Christmas shopping this year. This site provides information on the best mileage deals offered by 20 different rewards travel websites. If American has a “special” for increased mileage for Target, you’ll find it here. I’m a HUGE fan of anything that lets me get my Christmas shopping done while earning miles without having to set foot in a real mall.

I would have to call this site the miles collector’s best friend. Since you have to buy presents for friends, family and clients, why not get them sales tax free, earn miles and probably get free shipping? This may not be the case with every retailer listed on the site, but many companies offer specials at this time of year.

If you’re super loyal to one miles or rewards program, this site isn’t for you. You can bypass WebFlyer and use the programs mall directly. But if you’re like me and a member of several frequent flyer programs as well as LOADS of hotel rewards programs, this will let you get the best deal. Then, if you need to transfer the points to another program (because you didn’t want to pass up 5 miles per dollar at Shutterfly but you don’t necessarily need more WorldPerks miles, many members are also members of

Whose in?