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Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Auction

Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines will be the first airline to showcase the new Airbus A380 on a flight from Singapore to Sydney, Australia. The airline is offering a seat auction including all 555 seats on the inaugural flight and the proceeds will go to charities including Doctors without Borders, Singapore Community Chest and Sydney Children’s Hospital. Passengers will receive a personalized ceremonial certificate confirming they were part of the world’s first commercial A380 flight. So if you really heart aviation and you need to get from Singapore from Sydney (or if you just really, really heart aviation) this might be of interest.

The date has not yet been determined for the flight. That will depend on when Airbus delivers the goods.

The auction will be held on e-bay, who has agreed to subsidize the fees and charges from the auction. In addition, PayPal will rebate a portion of its fees and charges to help support the charities and ExxonMobil Aviation will donate the fuel for the flights.

For more information on the aircraft, check here.