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Singapore Airlines All Business Class Flights

Singapore Airlines is now offering all business class flights between North American and Asia. Flights will depart New York at 2300 and arrive the following day at 0550. The flights will be offered on a reconfigured Airbus A340-500 with 100 award-winning business class seats. This is the first transpacific service of its kind, similar to the throngs of business class airlines that cross the Atlantic.

What do you get with your hard earned dollars? Each leather-upholstered seat measures a spacious 30 inches in width, almost 50 percent wider than most products in this class. The seats are arranged in a 4 across, 1-2-1 layout, meant to provide customers with a greater amount of personal space and privacy, with every seat having direct access to the aisle. So no one has to crawl across you to visit the lavatory when you’re sleeping. That’s a very good thing. When it is time to sleep, the seats convert into a fully-flat bed. No trying to arrange yourself to maximize your horizontal position.

According to the press release, “The conversion of all five of the Airline’s A340-500s from a two-class configuration to an all-Business Class seating is being carried out in phases. For now, the all-Business Class A340-500 operates only on certain days of the week (see Annex 1), with daily services to Singapore expected by end June. By late September 2008, Singapore Airlines will also fly the all-Business Class service from Los Angeles to Singapore daily.”


Customers will enjoy 1,000 on-demand options on these flights, as well as iPod and iPhone connectivity. In addition, customers will have the ability to plug in their USB thumb drives and view their photographs with Photo Viewer or watch videos via Media Player on the 15.4-inch widescreen LCD monitor. For information on your destination city, you can check the provided Zagat Restaurant and Hotel guides for recommendations.

Dining Options

These business class flights will feature dining by World Gourmet Cuisine designed by Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel of world-renowned chefs. The culinary creations are paired with fine wines and Champagne and served with full restaurant-style table settings. Between meals, customers can visit the Passenger Corner for snacks and drinks or socialize during the flight. Customers Customers traveling from New York to Singapore on SQ 21 can set their own dining times with the flexi-dining service. Customers can choose from our gourmet a-la- carte menu featuring a wide selection of soups, salads, main courses, and desserts. Flexi-dining is available any time after dinner and up to two and a half hours before arrival in Singapore.