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Sit-n-Sip: Another Solution to the Dreaded Client Christmas Presents

Sit-n-SipIn my humble opinion, this is a gift best given early this year. Early as in this week (hint to my friends). Why? Because the Sit-n-Sip was just MADE for all those Thanksgiving weekend football games, like the Razorbacks/LSU match off this coming Friday (where I’ll be).

The Sit-n-Sip is like a CamelBack for your ass. You fill up the plastic bag with your choice of liquid (mine would actually be Captain and Diet, not beer) and it tucks in to a stadium-seat-cushion-like exterior. It holds up to 96 oz. of the hooch, which should be enough for most anybody until you can reload at halftime.

You know what would make it better for college games where you aren’t supposed to have booze? If they didn’t put the big fat logo on the side. It’s hard to be undercover with that.

If you aren’t in to marathon drinking (or you’re afraid to get busted because of the goliath logo), but you’d still like to sneak a lil’ something in to the game you can try these fake binoculars. My friends and I have tested these out and they worked like a charm.

Want to find me on CBS? I’ll be on the top row of the north end zone. I’ll be the girl in red :).


Not in to it? Check out the Cruzin Cooler and the Slap My Ass and Call Me Santa hot sauce.

Via Gizmodo and my friend Jason.