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SkyMeals in Los Angeles

SkyMealsI just returned from a trip to L.A. where I developed an instant crush on SkyMeals. They’re expensive, they’re impractical, they would never make it any place but Los Angeles. That’s what I love about them. SkyMeals are like the Hummer of the food world.

SkyMeals are delicious, made to order meals delivered to you at the airport, your home or the office.

Why, because they don’t have food available at LAX?

I’m kidding. They certainly don’t have food of this caliber available at the airport food court.

You can have your meals delivered to Wally Park, as well as directly to the airport (outside of security), your home or your office. Surely there would be places between your office and the airport where you could grab a bite?! But things that seem practical to the rest of us don’t really apply on the west coast.

Never fear, SkyMeals are TSA compliant. Beverages are not included as part of your meal, so you should have no trouble getting the grub through security.

The gourmet food on offer does look amazing. Flash Seared Ahi Tuna, Shrimp and Asparagus Farafalle, Chicken Satay and Creme Brulee grace the menu. Each and every item available from the SkyMeals website is fit for a five star restaurant. The only thing these meals don’t include is your own personal Jeeves to serve them to you.

How does this work?

Your order your SkyMeal by 3:00 p.m. the day before you fly out of Los Angeles. The gourmet meal will be delivered to you at the selected location before you depart, packed in a cooler bag to keep it fresh.

Entrees are in the $30 range, salads and sandwiches are not far behind. Appetizers and desserts are around $10 each. Prices include everything but tax. There is no separate delivery charge assessed.

If you’re traveling with your wee one and he or she is a true epicurean as well, there is a kids menu available.