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So Happy Together…What if You Could Charge Your Cell Phone and Your GPS at the SAME TIME?

Double Car ChargerIf you’re a real road warrior, you’ve probably dealt with a dead cell phone a time or two. And that low-battery beeping noise is so obnoxious it could be used to torture political prisoners. That’s why you have your car charger. I actually had to stand in line at Cingular in Shreveport, Louisiana for half an hour once because I forgot my car charger and my battery died. Stupid Razr.

Okay, smartie…what do you do when you cell phone is dead, but you REALLY, REALLY need to keep your GPS plugged in so you can get where you’re going? You get a Double Car Charger from Gomadic with TipExchange Technology.

The Double Car Charger contains ONE adapter with TWO cables. Since our mobile electronics not operate using USB ports, Gormadic created TipExchange. TipExchange provides different ‘tips’ to attach to the ends of the cables that are designed to fit any mobile electronic device. Gomadic also has a whole host of cool gear on their website.

Or you could just get a cigarette lighter splitter.

Via PRWeb.