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Social Networking for the Business Traveler. Tripmates Hooks You Up Around the Globe

Blind DateTripmates, a new hybrid travel/dating service, connects travelers with local dates or other travelers anywhere in the world. What does that mean to the busy businessperson? No more sitting at the hotel bar by yourself if you don’t want to and no more eating alone. It’s kind of like the good ole’ “different area codes” rule, only better.

Tripmates works a lot like MySpace with friends and profiles and blogs and stuff, but it also has Tripvite. Tripvite is a

feature to organize and invite your tripmates on upcoming trips. Post the details of your trip, notify your group of updates or changes, and keep track of each tripmate’s response. This feature takes the guess work out of group travel and ensures no one is waiting at the wrong gate.

That means if you’re planning a business trip to Scottsdale, Arizona you can post a Tripvite to let you Arizona buddies know your travel details. Or if you aren’t interested in dating you can just get location information or impart your wisdom on all of the not-so-frequent travlers of the world.

The profiles include information like “Single and interested in men for dating” or “Single and not interested in men for dating” or “In a relationship.” So there shouldn’t be any confusion as to whether you’re making friends or friend-friends. Guys should be happy. In browsing the site, there seemed to be WAY more female members.

Hey, it beats picking up some random bartender in Schaumburg…again.